Judy Hagey

Nonfiction Editor ~ Freelance Writer


I offer the following nonfiction editing and writing services:

  • Proofreading – correcting typographical, grammatical, and punctuation errors, as well as formatting and spacing inconsistencies. One last check before printing/publishing to eliminate embarrassing typos!


  • Copy or line editing – checking your manuscript for clarity, continuity, and consistency; ensuring that your copy flows smoothly and communicates clearly.


  • Substantive editing – involves a thorough evaluation and analysis of your manuscript  to identify gaps in content, faulty structure and/or syntax, inconsistencies in style, voice and/or information, and problems with readability and flow. Substantive editing is a lengthier process which may actually incorporate both copyediting and proofreading and require two or three drafts. We will be in regular communication as your manuscript takes shape.


  • Copywriting – producing content for your ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, press releases, or Web site.

Rates are determined on a per page basis, using electronic tracking, and vary depending on the type of editing requested and/or required. A standard page is 250 words/page in 12 pt.Times New Roman (or comparable font). Use the "Contact Me" tab to request a sample edit and a proposal.

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