Judy Hagey

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When You Need a Prompt

Because coming up with ideas is the hardest part of writing…for some of us. Thanks, Bryan Hutchinson.

When Details Make a Difference

This is the first in an occasional series I'm calling Monday Miscue. If you have an example or illustration of a "failure to communicate" that can benefit other writers and communicators, please drop me a line. No one disputes the value of product expiration dates. Whether or not you observe them is another matter. But […]

A Thought for Ash Wednesday


Say What?

Hello. My name is Judy and I’m a grammar nerd. A condition from which I have no desire to recover. Fact is, the world needs a few more of us, because in case you haven’t noticed there’s a definite void in proper grammar and usage these days. Blame texting and social media. Blame the schools. […]

Take Aways from the Florida Christian Writers Conference

This weekend I attended my first writers conference. That’s something that’s been on my writer’s bucket list since I started my freelance editing-writing journey. Until now, the cost of attending a conference was beyond my resources, but thanks to a scholarship, some careful budgeting, and a highly recommended conference nearby, I can add another checkmark […]