Judy Hagey

Freelance Editor - Writer

Word of the Week – flagrant

Referees and umpires call them; athletes deny them; politicos charge them: flagrant violations or infractions of the rules. These are the offenses that are obvious even to the armchair spectator. They are disgraceful, monstrous, immoral. They are glaring—meaning they shine in the harsh light to which they are exposed—an appropriate synonym since the original meaning […]

Word of the Week – edit vs. editorialize

Every writer needs an editor or at least a proofreader. Even experienced writers benefit from another pair of eyes reviewing what they have written before it goes to press. According to Beth Hill at The Editor’s Blog, “An editor polishes and refines, he directs the focus of the story or article or movie along a […]

Word of the Week – Lickspittle

In all the ink spilled this week over Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post, my favorite line comes from Gene Weingarten in an open letter to his new boss. As the editor of the Miami Herald’s Sunday magazine, Weingarten and his colleagues refused to give front page coverage to the winners of the Silver […]

Word of the Week – bedlam

Many now common English words evolve from proper nouns. Gerrymandering—the practice of creating electoral districts that favor a particular political party takes its name from the Massachusetts governor, Elbridge Gerry, who approved such a move in 1812. Californication found its way into the lexicon in the 1970s. It refers to the unchecked, haphazard development that […]

Word of the Week – ruth

With no apologies to Stephen Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine, I offer this week’s Word of the Week — a post that was written weeks before this strip appeared: I’m addicted to Words with Friends, the online Scrabble-like game. I say Scrabble–like, because the goal is the same: to create a crossword puzzle with […]