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  1. Abby Jennings

    Hi Judy

    I'm interested in copy editing quote of 5 pages of a manuscript. Please send info to 




  2. Dan Warf

    Judy Hagey,

    Greetings my name is Chaplain Dan Warf. Marilyn Anderson recommended I contact you directly. Sarah Hayhurst, a friend, referred me to Marilyn. 

    I am an active duty Air Force Chaplain and a DMin candidate at Biola University who is pushing hard to graduate May 2018. This is my final year allowed in the program. I have completed Chapters 1-3 (90+ pages), and my Chair has only made minor editorial suggestions regarding transitions and Turabian 8 footnoting and the bibliography. I have detailed sentence outlines for each chapter as well.

    I completed my project seminar and the research instrument validated by hypothesis and solution.

    I am currently working on Chapters 4-6 which are about 40 pages combined. 

    I need help polishing my work along with help in Turanian 8 for footnotes/bibliography.

    My deadline is to have all six chapters completed by NLT 1 March. 

    Are you able/interested in helping me with this project?




    Ch Dan Warf, USAF





    1. Just checking that you received my response to your inquiry:

      Good afternoon, Dan,


      Thank you for your service – and congratulations on being to this point in your DMin program.

      I am available and interested in helping you see your dissertation to completion. I typically charge a per page rate – the rate dependent on the level of editing/formatting required.


      If you want to send the first three chapters for me to “sample,” I can get back to you with a rate.  I’m assuming the March 1 date is the date you want to be able to submit to readers and others for feedback. Just an FYI, I’ll be available to help with any adjustments that need to be made following those reviews.


      I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together.

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