Hunter Brewer

I was not looking forward to writing my dissertation. Trepidation summed it up best. Thankfully, I was referred to Judy. She was a lifeline for me. Her professional knowledge and skill enabled me to accomplish something I would not have

Timothy Clothier

Thank you for making my original manuscript much better! The process of turning in term papers was never a pleasant one for me in college but working with you has been a joy and delight.

Emily Schultz

Judy Hagey was given the difficult task of editing a memoir written by a 13-year-old girl. Her challenge was to ensure clarity and grammar while maintaining the youthful voice of our author. Thanks to her work, the memoir is a

Julie Honsey

Judy edited the content for my website. She was prompt in completing the work and conveyed the essence of what I wanted to express. She was forthright yet kind in her editing suggestions. She suggested additions that I believe enhanced

Clarice G. James

I had the privilege of working with Judy Hagey on my last three novels. Judy is more than a stickler for correct grammar and punctuation. While editing my manuscripts, she thoughtfully considered what I was trying to convey as an