You’ve spent months—years, perhaps—on your manuscript. And now you’re ready to share your magnum opus with the world. Or are you?

An editor ensures that your readers hear the passion you bring to your work. And that’s where I come in.

I make sure every t is crossed and every i dotted, but it’s not all about the grammar and punctuation. I am that other set of eyes assuring your written words convey exactly the emotion and meaning you intend.

  • Does the narrative flow? Is it clear?
  • Is the vocabulary appropriate for the target audience? The era?
  • Are the characters realistic? Are there inconsistencies, gaps in the plot?

For all these reasons and more, I urge you to invest the time in finding and hiring an editor who can make you and your work shine.

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Before you send your manuscript off to an editor, there are some things you can check yourself.
This will save your editor time and you money.

Judy edited the content for my website. She was prompt in completing the work and conveyed the essence of what I wanted to express. She was forthright yet kind in her editing suggestions. She suggested additions that I believe enhanced my website. I am grateful for her insight and professionalism.
Julie Honseycertified coach in the Narrative Enneagram
Thank you for your patience and your expert editing of my book. I feel as though I’ve had an intense writing class—my first.
Claudette Renaldsauthor, By the Sea
Judy was timely and professional throughout the entire process. In addition, she took a genuine interest in my work and helped me to clean up my dissertation with the utmost skill and keen eye. The entire process was thorough, accomplished in a timely manner, and without a single issue.
John Fairchild PhD Dissertation
I was not looking forward to writing my dissertation. Trepidation summed it up best. Thankfully, I was referred to Judy. She was a lifeline for me. Her professional knowledge and skill enabled me to accomplish something I would not have been able to do alone. I am thankful.
Hunter Brewerchurch planter, DMin Dissertation
Judy Hagey was given the difficult task of editing a memoir written by a 13-year-old girl. Her challenge was to ensure clarity and grammar while maintaining the youthful voice of our author. Thanks to her work, the memoir is a powerful piece on grief experienced by a child.
Emily Schultzproject director, WriteBrain Publishing
I had the privilege of working with Judy Hagey on my last three novels. Judy is more than a stickler for correct grammar and punctuation. While editing my manuscripts, she thoughtfully considered what I was trying to convey as an author before she recommended changes. When I applied her changes, they always made my stories better.
Clarice G. Jamesauthor, The Girl He Knew, Manhattan Grace, Doubleheader, and Party of One
Thank you for making my original manuscript much better! The process of turning in term papers was never a pleasant one for me in college but working with you has been a joy and delight.
Timothy Clothierauthor, To Each is Given
I really appreciate the time and effort Judy made to make my book into a better product than when I first started. Judy made many suggestions and edits and helped to format my first book into a more professional product.
Fred Jacobyauthor, The Black-and-White Thinking Christian