Judy Hagey

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Word of the Week – microferroequinologist

There are golf widows and football widows. I’m a microferroequinologist* widow. My husband still plays with trains. As a result, I’ve picked up a bit of railroad history and terminology. Perhaps no single event in the 19th century did more to influence the development, commerce, and transportation of the US than the construction of the […]

Word of the Week – delusional

  Humor is usually a good way to make a point. And this picture makes the point I needed to make with a recent client who had difficulty making the distinction between deluded and diluted. Yet another pair of words that sound alike, but should not be used interchangeably. Our young lady on the unicorn […]


I have a torus palatinus. No, that’s not some obscene fetish. An oral tori is bony growth that occurs on the palate or jaw. Common, harmless, and normally painless, mine is on the roof of my mouth and doesn’t usually bother me. Except. Except when a piece of food gets stuck in the narrow crevice […]