Judy Hagey

Freelance Editor - Writer

Word of the Week – Three for One

With midterm elections just around the corner, you can hardly get through a day without hearing charges of political corruption or wrong doing of some sort—cronyism, nepotism, or junketeering. Would it surprise you to learn that the original meaning of two of those three was positive and not the negative connotation associated with it today? […]

Grammar: I – Me

Warning: You are entering a full-bodied grammar rant zone. I guess I have my mother to thank for being a grammar snob. She was always on our case about using I and me correctly. Frankly, a lot of people today could use a mother like her. Facebook is full of cringe-worthy grammatical faux pas, like […]

Word of the Week – parsimonious

One of the fascinating aspects, and for wordsmiths advantages, of the English language are the multiple synonyms for some words. While they may not all have the same degree of meaning or intensity, they certainly give a writer some options. Take parsimonious, for example. Not familiar with it? How about stingy? Cheap? Tight? Tightwad? Or […]

Word of the Week: duel – dual

The playbill identified the high school student as duel enrolled at the local college. I wanted to check out the school catalog and learn more about this dueling class. It's highly unlikely I'd have found it. It's more likely I would have learned about the policies and procedures governing dual enrollment, a common practice for […]


It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan to take a three-month hiatus from blogging. But the longer I was away, the easier it was and the more readily the excuses came. First, there was the website refresh. I could have blogged while that was in process, but being technologically inept, I was never quite certain whether […]