Judy Hagey

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3 Things You’d Be Surprised to Learn about Your Editor

Last weekend I attended my second PENCON – Proofreaders and Editors Network Conference. Billed as the only such conference for editors in Christian publishing, the conference is an opportunity to network and hone our editing skills. By our own admission, many editors are introverts, so you may be surprised that we’re into networking. Despite my […]

Say What?

Hello. My name is Judy and I’m a grammar nerd. A condition from which I have no desire to recover. Fact is, the world needs a few more of us, because in case you haven’t noticed there’s a definite void in proper grammar and usage these days. Blame texting and social media. Blame the schools. […]

It’s Yours or Is It?

Perhaps no punctuation mark has many uses and therefore potential for misuse and abuse as the punctuation mark – as these ill-punctuated signs demonstrate.   As Lynne Truss explains in her delightful defense of proper punctuation, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, the apostrophe first made its appearance in the English language in the 16th century. Its […]