Judy Hagey

Freelance Editor - Writer

When a Nonprofit Closes its Doors

Though it has not gotten much coverage in the mainstream media, last week’s announcement that Exodus International would be closing its doors has generated considerable interest and discussion at least in the evangelical blogosphere. Without getting into the theological or political rational for this move, I see at least two take-aways from this decision for […]

Word of the Week – discombobulated

Last weekend we made the 1600-mile trip for my family’s annual reunion. As usual, it was a whirlwind trip as we attempted to see as many relatives and friends as possible in three days. And as usual, it’s left me feeling discombobulated. Of all the onomatopoetic words, discombobulated is my favorite. (Onomatopoeic words are words […]

Put Modifiers in their Place

Engaging prose makes good use of modifiers. Descriptive words—adjectives, adverbs, and phrases—add the kind of detail that draws the reader into a story or clarifies a piece of nonfiction. But beware the misplaced modifier. Confusion or unintended humor can result when the descriptive word or phrase is placed too far from the word it modifies. […]

Book Review: The Leader’s Palette

You might think that all the books that need to be written on leadership have been written. Is there anything new to add to the subject that hasn’t already been written? Dr. Enlow uses a creative metaphor, the artist’s palette, to share his insights from his varied leadership experiences. He describes the “colors” that go […]

When Opposites Attract

Hearing this line in a recent news report got me thinking about oxymorons.   The government made it clear they will give unspecified military aid… Given that this is the government speaking, I shouldn’t be surprised by the contradictory language. After all, we’ve come to accept doublespeak from governments. They have given us such non […]