Judy Hagey

Freelance Editor - Writer

Say It Ain’t So

The day after my Better Half’s (BH) recent shoulder surgery, while still under the influence of pain pills, he made a verbal faux pas that will be one of those family jokes that lives on. With his arm in a sling, he asked for help with some small task, remarking as he did so, “I’m […]

Grammar: I – Me

Warning: You are entering a full-bodied grammar rant zone. I guess I have my mother to thank for being a grammar snob. She was always on our case about using I and me correctly. Frankly, a lot of people today could use a mother like her. Facebook is full of cringe-worthy grammatical faux pas, like […]

Word of the Week – homing in

When he was young, our oldest son sang out “homey, homey,” whenever we pulled into the driveway from an out-of-town trip. I use that rather homely introduction to home in on the Word of the Week. Or is it hone in? Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not sure. Even the experts aren’t […]

Say What?

Hello. My name is Judy and I’m a grammar nerd. A condition from which I have no desire to recover. Fact is, the world needs a few more of us, because in case you haven’t noticed there’s a definite void in proper grammar and usage these days. Blame texting and social media. Blame the schools. […]

Can We All Just Agree?

I think we can all agree that subjects and verbs need to agree with one another. A singular subject takes a singular verb. Nancy is the school librarian. Plural subjects take plural verbs: Nancy and Ned are friends. But we don’t always write with such simple subjects. What is the correct verb form in these […]