Judy Hagey

Freelance Editor - Writer

Book Challenge

If you spend any time on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the Book Challenge. For seven days, participants are invited to post the image of a book they’ve loved — one each day without comment — and then challenge someone else to do the same. The premise behind the challenge is to promote literacy and build […]

Not To Be Confused With – an expanded version

This week’s Not To Be Confused With… takes more bandwidth than usual. So, it’s a blog instead of a graphic. This confusable triplet may not be part of your everyday conversation, but it’s familiar enough—and confused often enough—to warrant a post. Not only are the meanings of these terms bewildering to some, but the spellings […]

You say Estate Sale, I say…

Better Half (BH) and I had ten minutes to kill before the store opened. We could spend it in the parking lot, waiting, or, on a lark follow the sign to the Estate Sale. “Not that we need anything,” we agreed. “Just looking.” I imagined a beautiful, stately home with high-quality furnishings. Because that’s what […]

My Recent Reads

Some time ago I was challenged to read outside of my comfort zone, to explore other genres and non-Western authors. One recommendation was The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I checked it out on the library app Libby. (By the way, I highly recommend this app. It’s such a convenient way to access […]

Editing vs. Changing

You know you need an editor to make sure your manuscript is as clean as it can be before you submit to a publisher or agent. But you’re concerned that an editor won’t respect your voice. Will he hold you to a rigid set of rules that you may not be totally familiar with? Will […]