Hiatus2_MichaelQuinnIt wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan to take a three-month hiatus from blogging. But the longer I was away, the easier it was and the more readily the excuses came.

First, there was the website refresh. I could have blogged while that was in process, but being technologically inept, I was never quite certain whether I was posting to the new or under-construction site. I convinced myself to hold off until the site was updated. Truth be told, I’m still tweaking it. Bear with me, please.

Then, of course, the inevitable technical difficulties that accompanied the refresh delayed its launch. More reasons to continue my self-imposed sabbatical.

Turns out there’s even behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes things to tend to on a website. Things I never have or ever want to think about again. Like switching to a new host and renaming the server. Thank goodness for patient, competent tech support services. I try not to think about how they must be rolling their eyes and banging their heads over my ignorant requests.

So there’s that to explain the gap between posts. And then there’s the mental battles that Michael Hyatt describes so well here.

But here’s the thing about a hiatus—it’s a temporary break, an interruption or lapse. It doesn’t last forever. Writers, like others determined to achieve their goals, pick up the pen or strap themselves to the chair in front of the keyboard again, and keep tapping away until they’ve spilled their heart. We write because we can’t not write. But it takes discipline and intentionality. I didn’t intend to be away so long. But lacking the motivation to carve out and stick to a set time to write, it happened. Someone once said, “An unintentional life is not worth living.” By the same token, an unintentional writer is no writer at all. And so, my hiatus comes to an end with fresh determination, renewed motivation, and intentionality.

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  • October 8, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Yay, Judy!  Glad you're back!


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