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What new or old-new thing have you tried during your quarantine?

Seems many are discovering baking—especially bread. I’m struggling to find the appeal in that—other than the smell and taste of fresh-baked bread, with plenty of butter.

I only resort to baking these days when the supply of over-ripe bananas exceeds our capacity for smoothies. Then I turn to, or rather the cookbook absent its yellow cover, falls opens to the oft-used page. My go-to recipe makes two loaves of banana bread–one to eat fresh, one to freeze or pass along to a neighbor.  No yeast or hours of waiting for bread to rise.

No, the new thing I signed on for is being part of an author’s launch team. I’ve seen similar requests and wasn’t sure what was involved, how much time would be required, and whether I had the skill and resources to bring to such a team.

What prompted me to do so now? I know the author.

I met Mary Potter Kenyon earlier this year at a spiritual writers conference she hosted. The program coordinator at the Shalom Retreat Center Center in Dubuque, Iowa, Mary was a warm and gracious host. Along with several other purchases from presenter’s tables, I came home with Mary’s grief memoir. Her writing was so engaging, I finished the book in a couple of days.

launch teamWhen Mary asked for folks to help her launch her next book, Called to be Creative, I wavered. Did I have what it takes, what she needs or wants? But having met and talked with Mary, I was confident that if she didn’t want or need me, she would be gracious enough to let me know without making me feel like a jerk.

I responded to Mary’s second request and offered my services, acknowleding I’d never done this before. She welcomed me with, “This will be a learning experience for me too, but I will do my best to make it easy for everyone.” Now, that’s the kind of team I want to belong to. No prima donnas. No “my way or the highway” attitude. Rather—let’s do this together and see what we learn Click To Tweet.

I may not have the biggest platform or be the most active on social media, but I can be a cheerleader for an author who makes me feel welcome on her team Click To Tweet.

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